What is counselling & psychotherapy?

Simply, when we talk about going for counselling, ‘therapy’ or psychotherapy we’re meeting with a therapist who is professionally trained to a required standard and who works within a code of ethics/conduct.

It’s about feeling safe in a confidential, trusted environment, where you are comfortable to talk and share your thoughts and feelings about whatever is going on for you.

It’s about valuing yourself, recognising that you deserve ‘better’ and being understood and really listened to without judgement.

Importantly, it’s choosing the right person to support you in getting whatever it is that is ‘better’

What is my role as a counsellor?

Simply, when we meet, I bring myself and my skills; you bring yourself and the desire to change.

I offer an objective, professional perspective and provide space for you to explore your thoughts, possibly difficult or painful feelings.

I will help you to find and use your inner resources and strengths so that you can cope more effectively. I can help you look at relationships with yourself and others to identify how past experiences are influencing your life today.

Counselling offers hope and a new beginning. I will never force you to talk about anything you find difficult before you are ready, or want to. I will be sensitive to the pace at which you want to work and I won’t expect any big showing of feelings if that really isn’t your style.

Nothing shocks me and people say they find me easy to talk to and that I have a calming influence. It’s my job to become redundant as soon as possible, but only when you’re ready to live a more enriched, happier, fulfilled life, for the rest of your life!

I too have known what isolation feels like, to stand  at a crossroads: because of this I may just be the person for you

Testimonials from clients who have been through the process:

”Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. How am I feeling? – Happy!”

”The past few months have been some of the hardest of my life. With your constant support, patience, guidance and kindness I have come out the other side stronger, more confident and able to cope with whatever the future holds. Thank You for being there”.

”You have been unfailingly supportive and committed. I feel like you have both ‘pushed me on’ and ‘picked me up’ at exactly the right times. Thank you so much.”

”I’m glad I chose you! :-)”