• “It really hit home that others feel similar to me”
  • “I’m more confident now…I don’t get all red and flustered now”
  • “If I had trouble saying how I felt I was given time, everyone’s so supportive and understanding”

I organise group counselling in one of two ways:

Option 1

If you are part of a professional/business/sports team, family group, friendship group and the dynamics are breaking down, I can support the group in working through differences and difficulties. Everyone has the opportunity to talk and be listened to and collectively the group will devise ways to resolve any current issues. The group can also create a plan on how to deal with future difficulties.

Option 2

At times people can feel isolated and that they’re the only ones facing the challenges that they do. Group counselling counteracts this by bringing together people, usually between 5-8, to talk and share experiences. By listening to others you can get different perspectives and the chance to compare them to your own. It’s an opportunity to support others and be supported in return. Group counselling is empowering, building self esteem and confidence. You will find that skills you learn within the group will enhance your relationships with others in life.

What is my role in group counselling?

As always my role is to provide a safe environment, one where you feel able to connect with others, sharing experiences and concerns. You will never be forced to talk, or share thoughts and feelings but it is my job to act as a catalyst, using sensitivity and experience to support you to empower yourself.

Does group counselling cost more than individual counselling?

Group Counselling can actually costs less. The cost is determined by the number in a group and time duration, but a guide is £20/£30.00 per person for a 90 min – 2 hour session.

When do groups run?

I run a group when there is enough people to do so. We meet for a minimum of six weeks at a different (but still local) location. If group counselling sounds like it is for you then please contact me.