• “We can’t talk anymore… we try but just end up shouting and arguing”
  • “Sex is so predictable now”
  • “We want different things”
  • “We want to fall in love with each other again”
  • “It all changes when his/her kids come at the weekend..”

What is couples counselling?

It’s common for one person to be unhappy and for the other to be clueless there is any problem at all! Even if one person is unhappy, it becomes a relationship problem and that then is the responsibility of you both.

 It’s a good time to consider couples relationship counselling when..

  • You feel stuck, what you have tried either together, or on your own, is not working
  • One of you feels emotionally or physically/sexually disconnected
  • You argue, withdraw or refuse to acknowledge issues causing conflict
  • You are thinking you might be happier with someone else
  • You think your partner is what is wrong with the relationship
  • You want to learn new skills to have a better relationship

What my role is

  • I won’t judge, or be a referee and I definitely won’t take sides
  • I aim to help you as a couple to ‘see’ your relationship in a different way
  • I won’t solve and fix your problems, instead I’ll support as you learn ways of finding your own solutions and ways that work for you
  • I aim to become redundant as soon as possible; you can choose to stay as long as you need to or just for a few sessions. When you are able to work together successfully, you won’t need me
  • I can support you to have a healthy separation if you have already decided to go your separate ways

What does couple relationship counselling cost?

£55.00 for a standard 50min session (£80.00 for 90minutes)