Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Acquired Brain Injury

  • “Friends have disappeared, promises of keeping in touch haven’t happened”
  • “I still love him…just not in the same way anymore”
  • “All our plans have been put on hold”
  • “I feel so guilty because I get annoyed at him but I know he can’t help it”
  • “I don’t know who I am anymore”

An ABI is a brain injury caused from a variety of causes like a fall, assault, a road or sports accident, tumour or stroke. People with an ABI often encounter physical, behavioural, emotional or cognitive challenges and no family is ever prepared to experience brain injury. It’s a shock to realise that your loved one is not the person you once knew: they change, you change, and your relationship changes.

Spouses can feel isolated or trapped in a relationship where their emotional and physical needs may not be satisfied as they once were. Together we can explore those feelings and I can help you discover that there is life after ABI. I can support you in creating a ‘new normal’ whether that is living together or living apart. It’s estimated that between 20 &50% of marriages, in which one spouse has a severe ABI, ends in separation.

Children may experience emotional difficulties as their life has been turned upside down. They might have to take on more of a caring role. They might witness the affected parent having angry outbursts or prolonged crying. If you are the parent of a young person in this situation I can help you find ways to support them.

Families benefit from guidance and support to create their new normal. The ability to communicate respectfully, openly and honestly is key, as is recognising needs of selves and others. From all this, it is possible for a family to grow and this is something I can support you with.

If you have experienced an acquired brain injury, or an ABI has touched your life in some way, please feel free to get in touch to see how best I can support you.