Change… Seasons and Us

Autumn, one of my favourite seasons. Spring, summer and winter are all special in their individual ways but I do look forward to this golden, crispy-leaved time.  It being a favourite has probably got something to do with being an autumn baby and my childlike excitement as I looked forward to my birthday. To this day many years on, I can still remember the anticipation and joy of opening my birthday parcel.  One year it was my first grown up watch with its red leather strap and another year I remember feeling so proud taking my ‘new’ blue bike out for the first time.

For me now, Sept/Oct signals the end of summer which is usually a busy, busy time. I,  and many others like me pack in whatever we can, making the most of the longer sunshine hours, doing things we either want to do, or think we ‘have’ to do, whether that’s mowing the lawn, weeding, painting windows, dusting off the bbq or going to summer fetes. Air and ferry ports become huge magnets for armies of people (and stress!) as families walk quickly in line one behind the other like ants trying to avoid bumping into other ant-like families! (‘Ant-like’ families consists usually of Mum or Dad striding out first with an authoritative air of ‘‘follow me I know where we’re going’’… then a gap..Then a child or two whose legs are frantically trying to keep up as they wrestle with luggage doing 360 degree flips!) Summer’s a busy time in nature too as flowers and trees stand tall and proud showing off their best colours and nicest scents, each in competition to attract insects and bees as they go busily about their pollinating business.

And so as summer changes and transitions into autumn I’m also now aware of so many other different kinds of transition. In human terms it’s children starting school for the first time or graduating up to the ‘big’ school. Parents adjust to emptying nests as fresh faced teenager’s make their own way in life leaving home for college or uni. Plants and animals start to slow down, preparing for hibernation, nestling down for colder times ahead. The oncoming period of stillness allows a much needed ‘dying down’ of activity which then allows new strength and energy to build up, regenerate,  ready to burst forth again in Springtime.

Pondering life and the universe on a recent walk I looked at an acorn, such a small ‘insignificant’ thing, with fresher eyes. This small thing has so much potential inside itself; and with the right conditions of sunshine, rain and soil, this small thing is capable of growing into a mighty oak tree. That led me to thinking about people and how with the right conditions we too can become that mighty oak tree. So this autumn as leaves turn gorgeous shades of gold in the last of the summer sun, I’ll ask you the question, what conditions do you need to grow?  Are you who you want to be? And if not, what changes or transitions do you want or need to make?  If you’re someone who’s always busy and on the go, I offer you the option being like the nature, of kicking back a bit, taking the time to rest and recharge in order to be magnificent once again.

I for one am looking forward to the clocks changing although I know it can be an incredibly hard time of year for some. For me it’s time to ‘winter’ up my lounge with tartan throws on the sofas (my homage to a little bit of Scottish’ness on the south coast!) logs will be stacked at the side of the fire and I’ll be hunkering down for a bit of my own recharging.

pondering the universe…                                                                                   from little acorns…